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we are talent partners in supply chain and procurement consultancy, technology, transformation and strategy. we put emphasis on adding value, maintaining authenticity and providing a specialist approach.


  • we believe in changing perceptions of external hiring firms, by raising standards for candidates and providing better value for clients.
  • we believe the hiring process is not one size fits all. our approach is flexible and based on the most effective long-term solution.
  • we believe in getting to know people. through in-depth understanding of the businesses we work with we find people that thrive.
  • we believe in adapting quickly to changing markets. we derive the benefit of speed and pass on the advantage.

our legacy is to positively impact hiring brand by providing a candidate experience we would like to receive ourselves.

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core values.

  • ingenuity – we create opportunity to provide innovative, out of the ordinary solutions.
  • empathy – we cultivate understanding to build trusting, long lasting relationships.
  • courage – we dare to be different and back ourselves to make it work.
  • authenticity – we are true to ourselves. we say what we mean and do what we say.