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beyond uncovering exceptional talent, we offer an overall value proposition that delivers real competitive advantage.

our approach.

  • we provide additional value by engaging with a partnership model to provide a long-term approach to support sustainable talent acquisition.
  • we work with select clients to ensure we are aligned with objectives and able to give the best people a favourable insight.
  • we adjust according to the situation, incorporating technology to provide a complete service offering, reducing interview to placement ratios.
clients procurex search

why procurex search?

  • specialism. we are specialists providing access to an extensive pool of passive talent who we engage in an advisory capacity.
  • global perspective. we select from a globally diverse talent pool. we screen from a longlist beyond the reach of less specialised suppliers.
  • insight beyond interview. through “insight-beyond-interview” we predict future performance offering clarity to make key hiring decisions.
  • partnership. we offer the dependability of a partnership with the research capability to ensure a quick and extensive search.
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